Useful tips to stay ahead of chaos

These little “life hacks” saved me a lot of trouble

Never leave your flat / house without your keys

Kids can lock you out when you just bring out the trash, wind can blow the door shut. Do it even when your partner pretends to have a key on his/her own 🙂

Stow away spare keys to your flat at friends or relatives

Even if you apply rule number #1, Murphy’s gonna get you: we had our keys in the car but we closed the garage door prematurely…

Prepare your stuff the evening before

Put out the clothes you wanna wear, pack your bags, prepare breakfast, fill up the gas in your car.

Never search for essential things in the morning. It drains your energy.

When you hang out your clothes the night before be spare one decision to make in the morning. #decisionfatigue

Check your flat before bedtime

My wife sometimes forgets to close the garage door. I forget to close the window to my basement room. All windows closed? Lights turned off? Doors locked? Keys back at the key board?

Always do shopping with a shopping list

Buying things you do not need and forgetting things you desperately need can ruin your weekend. And it prevents throwing away food as well!  Individual sustainable lifestyle tips

Leave a shopping bag in your car

Even if you have a shopping routine and everything on your list, well, Murphy.

Having to put stuff piece by piece into your trunk is grueling and at home you do it in reverse. So don’t.

Use Debit Card for purchases / avoid cash

Cash diffuses into nothingness without leaving a trace. If you want to have control over your finances make your money traceable.

Put an emergency hammer into your car

Plan a follow up at your hairdresser

Hairdressers always have a full schedule and at the time you realize your hair needs a cut it’s hard to get an appointment. Same goes for dentists.

Buy a leatherman or victorinox tool

Use a hanging filing systems


Use a housekeeping book

A housekeeping book or a budget planner makes it easier for you to reach your financial goals.

Clean Personal Finance

Thoughts on Personal Finance

Make backups of your phone and computer

No backups – no mercy

Use a Bullet Journal

Nothing changed my life so drastically in the last couple of years like the Bullet Journal Method.

Fumbling with to-do lists, habit tracking apps, a Kanban board in the kitchen, a google docs spreadsheet for goals and a mood journal I grew tired of not having one single source of truth regarding my life planning.

Read what the Bullet Journal

can do for you.













How to connect to your ESP32 on macos

To find out as what USB device the ESP32 is connected, open Terminal and enter:

ls /dev/tty* | grep usb

in my case I got


Now we can connect via screen:

screen /dev/tty.usbserial-14120 115200

When you reset the board you should see something like this

configsip: 0, SPIWP:0xee
mode:DIO, clock div:2
entry 0x400806b0

To end the session in screen, press Ctrl+a, and type :quit and press Enter.


Pipenv Easter Egg

I’ve found this little easter egg hidden in pipenv:

if not environments.PIPENV_HIDE_EMOJIS:
    now = time.localtime()
    # Halloween easter-egg.
    if ((now.tm_mon == 10) and (now.tm_mday == 30)) or (
        (now.tm_mon == 10) and (now.tm_mday == 31)
        INSTALL_LABEL = "🎃   "
    # Christmas easter-egg.
    elif ((now.tm_mon == 12) and (now.tm_mday == 24)) or (
        (now.tm_mon == 12) and (now.tm_mday == 25)
        INSTALL_LABEL = "🎅   "

Was ist los in Deutschland

Eigentlich hatte ich mir vorgenommen nichts über Corona / Covid19 zu schreiben, weil ich weder Virologe, Epidemiologe oder Politiker bin.

Da mich die aktuelle Situation in Deutschland belastet und ich das irgendwie kanalisieren muss, schreibe ich meine Gedanken trotzdem nieder.

Normalerweise schreibe ich meine Artikel auf Englisch. Da sich aber alles hier auf die spezielle Situation in Deutschland bezieht und der Adressaten-Kreis zu größten Teilen Deutsch spricht, heute mal auf Deutsch.

Am leichtesten fällt es mir, auf konkrete Fragestellungen einzugehen, da kommt der Ausbilder in mir durch.

Ursprünglich wollte ich dieses Artikel “50 shades of Schwurbel” nennen, aber mit Polemik kommen wir nicht weiter und ich habe die Hoffnung noch nicht aufgegeben, dass viele Menschen einfach nur unsicher, schlecht oder gar falsch informiert sind.

Irgendwo habe ich gelesen, dass sich die Regierung bei der Umstellung der Postleitzahlen in den 90ern mehr Mühe gegeben hat, das neue Konzept zu kommunizieren, als beim Aufruf zur Impfung. (“Hier kommt Rolf”, “Fünf ist Trümpf”) Ein eigenes Maskottchen, großangelegte Marketingkampagne. Bei Impfung Fehlanzeige.

Ich hätte gerne mindestens einen Flyer im Briefkasten gehabt, der mir erklärt, warum Impfen gut und nützlich ist. Vielleicht auch mehrsprachig um wirklich möglichst viele Menschen zu erreichen.

Was wir bekommen haben sind Flugblätter der Misinformanten, regelrechte Misinformationskampagnen wurden gestartet:

Aber nun mal rin in die Kartoffeln Continue reading “Was ist los in Deutschland”

10 tips for creating co-ownership in a code base

When you learn a new language or a framework you almost always certainly start fresh with a new clean project aka green field project.

In the industry you rarely get the chance to do so. You will have to start with code which has already been there for a specific time. These projects are called brown field. And brown not in a good sense. Brown can mean mud to sh… Continue reading “10 tips for creating co-ownership in a code base”

What is the Karman line?

tl;dr; The Karman line defines the edge of space.

It is set to 100km above the Earth’s mean sea level and separates aeronautics from astronautics. So to be an astronaut you have to travel higher than 100km from Earth’s surface.

Why is that?

To fly with a conventional airplane you need the air to generate lift under its wings. The thinner the airs gets the faster the plane has to go to generate the same amount of lift to keep the plane up. The lift generated by wings is directly proportional to the air density.

The faster the plane gets the more drag of the atmosphere on its hull is generated. Therefore the temperature of the hull increases and you will run into thermal issues with the material.

The second consideration is the oxygen you need for combustion in the plane’s engines. When you are too high you cannot use conventional turbines anymore. You have to switch to rocket engines and fuel up the plane with not only propellant but also oxygen in its tanks.



What is LEO?

LEO stands for Low Earth Orbit.

It ranges from 200km to 2000 km.

The ISS orbits the earth between 370km and 460 km. Due to atmospheric drag the orbit decreases over time

The Hubble Telescope orbits a bit higher at 545km to 549km

Other orbits


Satellite Orbit
ISS 400km
Hubble 545km
Starlink 550km
Iridium 780km
Globalstar 1.400km
ICO 13.390km
Inmarsat 35.768km
Sirius 23.975km – 46.983km

How to fix android.view.InflateException: Error inflating class fragment

I got the error

E/AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCEPTION: main
Process: de.creatronix.levelup, PID: 17026
java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{de.creatronix.levelup/de.creatronix.levelup.MainActivity}: android.view.InflateException: Binary XML file line #18: Error inflating class fragment

after enabling minification in my build.

The issue is that with the usage of safeargs with custom objects we use the the @parcelize annotation which seems to be optimized away with R8 Continue reading “How to fix android.view.InflateException: Error inflating class fragment”