SQL-LIKE and wildcards

Se_en represents a pattern with a wildcard character. The _ means you can substitute any individual character here without breaking the pattern. The names Seven and Se7en both match this pattern.

The percentage sign % is another wildcard character that can be used with LIKE.

Software Testing Concepts – Part 1

My Tale of Woe

When I graduated from university and had my first job as a software engineer at Harman Becker Automotive Systems GmbH I should do the parental leave cover for a colleague. He showed me his project, gave me some info e.g. contact person and went off to Canada.

Literally on the second day he was away, the phone started to ring. The OEM had a A++ blocker issue found in the software and everything pointed to the component I was now maintaining. Continue reading “Software Testing Concepts – Part 1”

Python Package parameterized

Stackoverflowing around I found this nice package


Parameterized testing in Python sucks.

parameterized fixes that. For everything. Parameterized testing for nose, parameterized testing for py.test, parameterized testing for unittest.

Reading this description I had very high expectations 🙂

so let’s see if the package can hold up to it. Continue reading “Python Package parameterized”

Calculator for Resistor Values

Calculator for 4 rings

1. Ring 2. Ring 3. Ring 4. Ring Value Tolerance
0Ω 0%

Calculator for 5 rings

1. Ring 2. Ring 3. Ring 4. Ring 5. Ring Value Tolerance
0Ω 0%

Invalid Host Header with npm run server

I got an “Invalid Host Header” error when running a VueJs app on a linux machine with npm run serve.

To work around this you can put the following code into you vue.config.js file:

module.exports = {
    // options...
    devServer: {
        disableHostCheck: true,