15 Steps for successful Bootstrapping – Part 3

In 15 Steps for successful Bootstrapping – Part 1 and 15 Steps for successful Bootstrapping – Part 2 I wrote about bootstrapping. This is the next part of this series.


USP means “unique selling proposition”, which makes it even better than the German word USP. It’s all about “selling”, so selling. That means your unique selling point must also make the customer buy something. Continue reading “15 Steps for successful Bootstrapping – Part 3”

Short Rewiew t3n magazine Q2-2017

Being sick at home can become quite boring after a couple of days so I was happy today as I opened the mail box: (Yes, the physical one?) the new t3n magazine! Yeah!

Nice cover!

First of all I remove all advertising garbage by shaking the magazine, but lo and behold, there are some nice stickers in it. Perhaps I share them with my daughter.

These are the topics I will definitely read:

Review “Losing my Virginity” by Richard Branson


Who is the author?

Richard Branson: There is almost nothing this man hasn’t achieved.

A private island in the Caribbean, the knighthood, crossing the Atlantic and the Pacific in a hot air balloon. And then there’s a little company called Virgin with a whopping 40+ affiliates. Did I mention that Virgin Galactic also flies into space?

What does the man still want to do? Continue reading “Review “Losing my Virginity” by Richard Branson”