Firefox: Enable Spellchecking in Single Line Fields

When You are writing a lot in web forms e.g. issue tracker You definitely want a spellchecker enabled.

In Firefox You can do this via a config value.

  1. Type “about:config” into navigation bar
  2. Accept the “I will be careful” reminder
  3. Search for “layout.spellcheckDefault”
  4. Double click on entry
  5. Set value to 2

This will enable the spellchecker for multi-line controls and single-line controls.


Find your mouse pointer on Windows 7

At home I work with my Apple MacBook Pro with macOS Sierra. A nice feature in a multi-monitor setup is the “shake the mouse to find the mouse pointer”. The mouse pointer gets larger as long as you shake the mouse.

There is no such feature in Win7, but You can change the mouse settings to show an animated circle around your mouse pointer when you hit the CTRL key.

To enable this setting go to control panel, search for “Change mouse settings”.  Open the tab “Pointer Options” and activate the checkbox “Show location of pointer when I press the CTRL key”. Voilá!


New Year’s Resolutions & Technology Learning Roadmap 2017 – Update 2

Update of the Update:

I can make another update to my 2017 Roadmap:

  • [x] I did the test drive with the Tesla P100D!
  • [x] Spontaneously I’ve visited devcamp17
  • [x] I did a couple of katas in rust. I stopped learning more Rust due to lack of application in real life
  • The hot air balloon drive is sceduled for 17.07.2017(!) 🙂
  • I dropped actively searching for a singer for my band, we end the project anyway at the end of the year.
  • I’ve postponed the purchase  of the PS4 Pro + VR, haven’t got time at the moment.
  • We are not going to do a vacation this year

Thoughts on building a library

I’ve always loved to read as a child but what I read depended mostly on the books I got as birthday presents. As an adult I occasionally bought some books at book stores at train stations. But I never had a strategy how to build a library.

Why do I need a library?

Knowledge is power! Books are the easiest way to gain profit from other people’s experience. You can see books as mentors which tell you valuable life lessons. For example the Game book “I will teach you to be rich” got me started with thinking about personal finance. Continue reading “Thoughts on building a library”

Review Code Reading

If you learn a music instrument you have to learn riffs, licks and songs. No teacher will ever say “Here are all the chords and scales. Go into the world and make people happy” Does not work.

But in software development sometimes it seems to look like that universities show you algorithms and data structure and the syntax of a specific language and say you are done – save the world with your code.

In the last couple of years more and more people look at software development as a craft and call it the software craftmanship movement. Continue reading “Review Code Reading”

iMacros for the Rescue 

Bill Gates once said: “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”

Sometimes being such a lazy person I’ve discovered a couple of years ago a neat little browser plug in which let’s you automate your browser. It’s called iMacros and is available for Firefox and Chrome.

After the installation you get an icon in your toolbar:

When You click this icon the iMacros sidebar opens and you find a bunch of demo scripts: Continue reading “iMacros for the Rescue “