Docker Commands Cheatsheet

Reminder: A Container is a running instance of an Image

Docker CLI commands

Command Meaning
docker pull download an image from dockerhub
docker images show list of locally available docker image
docker start start container
docker stop stop container
docker run pulls image, make a container from image and runs it
docker run -d running in detached mode
docker run -p: port binding e.g. -p6000:6379
docker ps show a list of running containers
docker ps -a show a list of running and stopped containers
docker logs gets the log from the running container
docker exec -it /bin/bash interactive terminal
docker rename rename a container

Generating SHA-1 for Google API

When you want to interface with any Google API e.g. YouTube from within your Android App, you need to register your app in the developer console.

You have to provide a SHA-1 key which can be generated as following:

Command line

$ chmod u+x gradlew
$ ./gradlew signingReport