Differences in end of line characters

When You are working with different operating systems you encounter different line endings. Editing a file on a Linux system and opening it on a windows machine can give a weird result.

Here is a short overview which system uses which command characters:

OS Command character
Windows CR + LF
Linux LF
Mac OS <= 9 CR

#AFOL – Adult Fan of LEGO


The Dark Ages

The dark ages are the years between stopping playing with LEGO as a child and starting again to play again as an adult. In my case more than 20 years.

Getting back to it

When my older daughter turned 4, we decided to give her her first LEGO as a birthday present and we ended up spending our afternoons on weekends building and playing with her LEGO. When my 37th birthday arrived I was so hooked again that I decided to buy my first set in over 20 years. That is what You call an AFOL – an Adult Fan Of LEGO.

LEGO Creator Expert

for this exact species LEGO has a number of sets ibn their portfolio called Creator Expert with lots of pieces and sophisticated building techniques.

Have a lock at it yourselves:

Next Projects

My Collection



Manage your collection

https://rebrickable.com/ let’s you manage your Lego collection either via set lists or part lists


https://rebrickable.com is also a page where AFOL can share their MOCs. A big advantage: when you share your MOC you have to provide build instructions


Not to confuse with MILF, a MILS or Modular Integrated Landscaping System is a concept to build bigger Lego landscapes via assembling smaller modules.


Classification: Precision and Recall

In the realms of Data Science you’ll encounter sooner or the later the terms “Precision” and “Recall”. But what do they mean?


Living together with little kids You very often run into classification issues:

My daughter really likes dogs, so seeing a dog is something positive. When she sees a normal dog e.g. a Labrador and proclaims: “Look, there is a dog!”

That’s a True Positive (TP) Continue reading “Classification: Precision and Recall”