DevCamp 2018


Humans are creatures of habit! Because I attendend the BarCamp 2017 at Uni Würzburg I went straight to the M2 building. I should’ve read my emails more thoroughly, actually building Z6 of University Würzburg was this event’s location. And the campus is quite large so I had to walk a bit. Bummer! Continue reading “DevCamp 2018”

/dev/night: Kubernetes Deep Dive

tl;dr: Awesome evening!

/dev/night is a series of tech talks organized and hosted by tradebyte, an e-commerce company from Ansbach.

I’ve seen tradebyte as a sponsor of several barcamps, saw there ads for /dev/night and even had there sticker as my first sticker on my laptop. But I hadn’t made it to their event yet.

When I helped friends moving from their flat to their house I was invited by Tino Dietel who works as a software developer at tradebyte.

Sometimes you need a push to cross the rubicon 🙂 Continue reading “/dev/night: Kubernetes Deep Dive”