PyConDE Berlin 2019

I’ve always wanted to go to a conference and with PyConDE I’ve found one that suited me well: The price point of 300 bucks for 3 days of conference, 2 days of workshops and the opportunity to go to Berlin and visit my friend Thomas was fascinating!

The Venue


Day 1

  1. Algo.rules – How do we get the ethics into the code? – Carla Hustedt
  2. Apache Airflow for beginners – Varya Karpenko
  3. Practical DevOps for the busy data scientist – Dr. Tania Allard
  4. Play stupid games, win stupid price – James Powell
  5. How MicroPython went into space – Christine Spindler
  6. Tutorial: pytest – simple, rapid and fun testing with Python – Florian Bruhin
  7. Migrating CPython’s Issue Tracker – Mariatta Wijaya

Day 2

  1. Docker and Python – Dr. Hendrik Niemeyer
  2. 6 years of Docker – Sebastian Neubauer
  3. Want to have a positive social impact as a data scientist?
  4. Tackle the problems that really matter
  5. How to write tests that need a lot of data?
  6. venv, pyenv, pypi, pip, pipenv, pyWTF?
  7. Static Typing in Python
  8. Is it me, or the GIL?

Day 3

  1. Law, ethics and machine learning – a curious ménage à trois
  2. Strawberry: a dataclasses inspired approach to GraphQL
  3. What’s new in Python 3.8?
  4. Your Name Is Invalid!