How I learned to love the Bash

My tale of woe

When I started to write my first ebook I decided to use pandoc to transform markdown into pdf.
It basically looked like this

pandoc metadata_de.yaml -o ./level_up_de.pdf --from markdown -V lang=de-DE

This simple command can be pasted into the command line everytime I want to build a new version of the ebook.
But: I have to keep in mind the command which is tedious. I could write it into a text file and copy it everytime I use it.
There is a more elegant way: let’s make a script!

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Generating SHA-1 for Google API

When you want to interface with any Google API e.g. YouTube from within your Android App, you need to register your app in the developer console.

You have to provide a SHA-1 key which can be generated as following:

Command line

$ chmod u+x gradlew
$ ./gradlew signingReport