Fiddling around with a Java project from my friend Thomas Berger I encountered lombok: Lombok e.g. generates automagically setter and getter for data classes. all You have to do is annotate a class with @Data import lombok.Data; @Data public class CinemaEvent { private String location; private String url; } For IntelliJ there is a lombok…

Add Vaadin Maven Archetype to IntelliJ

On Windows You can add the Maven archetype for Vaadin to IntelliJ IDEA the following way: Open: c:\Users\username\.IdeaIC2017.3\system\Maven\Indices\UserArchetypes.xml and add the line: <archetypes> <archetype groupId=”com.vaadin” artifactId=”vaadin-archetype-application” version=”8.3.2″ /> </archetypes Now you can create a new Vaadin project via Maven