Fiddling around with a Java project from my friend Thomas Berger I encountered lombok:

Lombok e.g. generates automagically setter and getter for data classes. all You have to do is annotate a class with @Data

import lombok.Data;

public class CinemaEvent {
    private String location;
    private String url;

For IntelliJ there is a lombok plugin. After activating the plugin the structure looks like this:

And there are many more convenience wrapper annotations! Try it out!

Maven Dependency


Add Vaadin Maven Archetype to IntelliJ

On Windows You can add the Maven archetype for Vaadin to IntelliJ IDEA the following way:



and add the line:

 <archetype groupId="com.vaadin" artifactId="vaadin-archetype-application" version="8.3.2" />

Now you can create a new Vaadin project via Maven