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Python Pipfile and pipenv

  If You already read Python pip and virtualenv you are familiar with the way python handles requirements. but lo and behoild there is a new kid in town or actually two new kids on the block: Pipfile and Pipenv – both with with a capital “P”. If you are tired of creating and maintaining…

Python pip and virtualenv

After working for a couple of years with Python and external dependencies I’ve ran again and again into the same kind of problems. Bad habits Say you have a global python installation under e.g. C:\Python36 on Windows. When you start working on your first python project you want to use external packages and you encounter…

pip optional dependencies

Sometimes you want to make your python package usable for different situations, e.g. flask or bottle or django. If You want to minimize dependencies You can use an optional dependency in extras_require={ ‘flask’: [‘Flask>=0.8’, ‘blinker>=1.1’] } Now you can install the library with: pip install raven[flask]