Moving Motivators

An interesting technique from the Management 3.0 book “Managing for happiness” is the moving motivators exercise. What are the benefits of this exercise? It raises self-awareness about what motivates you, say what makes you get up in the morning. You can figure out what is important to your colleagues and support them in those areas.…

My Management 3.0 Experiments

My Experiments so far Kudo Cards I gave Kudo Cards to my colleague Michi M. for preparing a nice presentation my colleague Bastian B. for driving an extra tour my colleague Jannik for voluntarily organizing a team event our HR department for introducing a new tool for our application process my CEO for giving me…

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Vorschau Unternehmerabend: Management 3.0

Am Mittwoch, den 28. Juni 2017 um 19:00 hält Jürgen Mohr im Gasthaus zur Sonne in Neustadt an der Aisch einen Vortrag zum Thema: “Zukunftsorientierte Führung zur Sicherung der Überlebensfähigkeit Ihres Unternehmens” Der Vortrag ist kostenlos!