My Management 3.0 Experiments

My Experiments so far

Kudo Cards

I gave Kudo Cards to

  • my colleague Michi M. for preparing a nice presentation
  • my colleague Bastian B. for driving an extra tour
  • my colleague Jannik for voluntarily organizing a team event
  • our HR department for introducing a new tool for our application process
  • my CEO for giving me tips for hiring an Au Pair
  • my colleague Patrick for getting me into workshops held in our company
  • Doro for encouraging me to give a session at SWEC18
  • Anna for the very warm welcome at SWEC18
  • Frau B.  for awesome catering at SWEC18

Personal Maps

  • in a retrospective
  • at a team gathering after getting new colleagues

Moving Motivators

  • 5 times in a hiring interview
  • 6  15 times in a 1on1

Improv Cards

  • once in a 1on1

Sessions on Management 3.0

I held sessions at

  • Software Engineering Camp 2017
  • a Knowledge Hour in our company
  • Barcamp Nuremberg 2018
  • Barcamp Regensburg 2018
  • Software Engineering Camp 2018 (Moving Motivators & Delegation Poker)

Next steps

  • Introduce the Celebration Grid
  • Play Delegation Poker with team