Delegation Poker – Management 3.0 Practice

Why do we have to delegate in the first place?

In chapter 7 of his book Management 3.0 Jurgen Apello writes about empowerment. The real use for empowerment is the manageability of the complex system itself

1. Acquire acceptance for decisions

2. Decentralize decision in a complex adaptive system

How to delegate correctly

The basic idea is to delegate responsibilities from management to the team but in a Management 3.0 way:

Do not delegate top down but with an acknowledgement from the team members.

Seven Levels of delegation

  1. I as the manager will tell them
  2. I will try and sell it to them
  3. I will consult and then decide
  4. We will agree together
  5. I will advise but they decide
  6. I will inquire after they decide
  7. I will fully delegate

Why seven levels?

With seven levels you and your team can meet in the middle


  • Define Decision Areas
  • Poker with team
  • Visualize Outcome