Pandas Cheat Sheet

If you are new to Pandas feel free to read Introduction to Pandas I’ve assembled some pandas code snippets Reading Data Reading CSV import pandas as pd # read from csv df = pd.read_csv(“path_to_file”) Can also be textfiles. file suffix is ignored

Sound and music with pygame

pip install pygame Sound import pygame if __name__ == ‘__main__’: pygame.mixer.init() sound = pygame.mixer.Sound(“./sound.wav”) channel = while channel.get_busy(): pygame.time.wait(100) print(“Playing…”) print(“Finished.”)   Music import pygame if __name__ == ‘__main__’: pygame.mixer.init()“./sound.mp3”) while pygame.time.wait(100) # ms print(“Playing…”) print(“Finished.”)

Python variable length arguments

Ever wondered what these *varargs or *kwargs in python functions parameter mean? Let me explain! varargs varargs is short for variable arguments. It is declared like this: def print_person_varargs(name, *vargs): pass You can pass as many arguments as you like. In this case we pass two after the first positional argument ‘name:’ print_person_varargs(“Jörn”, 40, “Emskirchen”)…

pytest Tutorial – Part 1

At PyConDE Berlin 2019 Florian Bruhin gave a really nice session about testing with pytest, which I try to recap here. Writing Tests If You want to work with pytest you can install it via: pip install pytest When you know basic python unittest fixtures, good news ahead: pytest is compatible and will run your…

Software Testing Concepts – Part 1

My Tale of Woe When I graduated from university and had my first job as a software engineer at Harman Becker Automotive Systems GmbH I should do the parental leave cover for a colleague. He showed me his project, gave me some info e.g. contact person and went off to Canada. Literally on the second…

Python Package parameterized

Stackoverflowing around I found this nice package Parameterized testing in Python sucks. parameterized fixes that. For everything. Parameterized testing for nose, parameterized testing for py.test, parameterized testing for unittest. Reading this description I had very high expectations 🙂 So let’s see if the package can hold up to it.

PyConDE Berlin 2019

I’ve always wanted to go to a conference and with PyConDE I’ve found one that suited me well: The price point of 300 bucks for 3 days of conference, 2 days of workshops and the opportunity to go to Berlin and visit my friend Thomas was fascinating!

Flask 1.1 is here!

From the flask release notes: Returning a dict from a view function will produce a JSON response. This makes it even easier to get started building an API. To get a minimal REST-Api all you have to do is: from flask import Flask app = Flask(__name__) @app.route(‘/return_dict’, methods=[‘GET’]) def return_dict(): return {“x”: “1”} if __name__…

Overcoming PyInstaller Pitfalls

When using PyInstaller to package an application to a self-containing bundle you might run into some pitfalls: Pitfall 1: PyInstaller overwrites spec file The first time you run pyinstaller you run it with pyi-makespec instead of pyinstaller pyi-makespec will generate a my_module.spec which you can alter. Afterwards you just ran pyinstaller my_module.spec to…