What is python pbr?

In Distributing your own package on PyPi I’ve talked about setuptools and twine to upload a package to the Python Package Index. PBR is a nice little add-on to simplify the setup and the deplyoment of your packages.


Primer: Arguments vs Parameters I’m sometimes confused. Is it an argument or a parameter? So here it goes: A parameter is a variable in a function definition. When a function is called, the arguments are the data you pass into the function’s parameters. The same goes for a program: A program has parameters, you call…

pytest Tutorial – Part 3

Having your tests in place after reading pytest Tutorial – Part 1 and pytest Tutorial – Part 2 you certainly want to know how much of your code is actually tested by your tests. This is called coverage. Installation pip install pytest-cov Checking the coverage

pytest Tutorial – Part 2

In my last article pytest Tutorial Part 1  I showed some basic concepts of testing with pytest. Here are two additional concepts Parameterize Test parameterization follows the concept of DRY – Don’t repeat yourself Instead of writing a new testcase for every different value you annotate your test function and handover the different values. The…

Pandas Cheat Sheet

If you are new to Pandas feel free to read Introduction to Pandas I’ve assembled some pandas code snippets Reading Data Reading CSV import pandas as pd # read from csv df = pd.read_csv(“path_to_file”) Can also be textfiles. file suffix is ignored

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Sound and music with pygame

pip install pygame Sound import pygame if __name__ == ‘__main__’: pygame.mixer.init() sound = pygame.mixer.Sound(“./sound.wav”) channel = sound.play() while channel.get_busy(): pygame.time.wait(100) print(“Playing…”) print(“Finished.”)   Music import pygame if __name__ == ‘__main__’: pygame.mixer.init() pygame.mixer.music.load(“./sound.mp3”) pygame.mixer.music.play() while pygame.mixer.music.get_busy(): pygame.time.wait(100) # ms print(“Playing…”) print(“Finished.”)