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Removing pyc files on server

Sometimes Python gives You a hard time when You deploy code to a server after you changed directory structures or simply moved files. With the following command You can remove the pyc files in the working directory and subdirectories: find . -name \*.pyc -delete

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Python 3 – there shall be just int

Trying to contribute to the Flask plugin flask-login I just added these lines: if isinstance(duration, (int, long)): duration = timedelta(seconds=duration) Looking quite plausible, isn’t it? But lo and behold: it doesn’t work under Python 3.x. Dang! The reason: Python 2 has two integer types: int and long. In Python 3 there is only int, which…

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Division in Python 2 vs 3

One major change in Python 3 is the implementation of the division operator /. In Python 2 the division yielded a floor rounded integer when dividing two integers but a float when using a float as divider or divisor. Due to Python’s weakly typed nature this behavior could lead to some issues. So PEP-238 changed…

Bringing AJAX to Flask

Flask is a micro web framework which is really fun to use. With the following snippet You have a complete web app working within seconds. from flask import Flask # 1 app = Flask(__name__) # 2 @app.route(‘/’) # 3 def hello_world(): return ‘Hello World!’ if __name__ == ‘__main__’: #4 All this snippet does is…