Developer Toolbelt

Inspired by the Blog Post I want to share what my tool set looks like in 2017:

  • PyCharm as main IDE for Python, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and SQL
  • Notepad++ for big files
  • Spotify Napster for getting into “the Zone”
  • WinSCP and Putty for Secure FTP and SSH / Telnet access to our servers
  • Total Commander for browsing the harddrive (Commander One on macOS)
  • Beyond Compare 3 for diffing
  • Firefox
  • yED for diagrams
  • Luxafor for distraction management
  • Perforce P4 Visual Client
  • Outlook / Skype for Business
  • Wire
  • Github OSS
  • Bitbucket for private Repos
  • Atom for educational purposes
  • iMacros / Greasemonkey for browser automation / optimization

I really love PyCharm and it gets better with every update. To get the same user experience for full stack web development You would need to configure Eclipse-based PyDev with a whole bunch of Eclipse plugins