Individual sustainable lifestyle tips


It’s tough! Believing in the 1% improvement thing / atomic habits I would start small but consistent. And also believing in the Management 3.0 experimenting culture I would run experiments. Some ideas:


Stop throwing away food esp. meat

Meat production is a big source of methan and CO2 . Animal agriculture is responsible for 13% to 18% of the annual CO2 production, so throwing away meat is a big no no in my eyes. In Germany we throw away 18 million tons of food every year! Oh boy, that’s so sad.

Eat veggie at least one day a week

It is easier to convince seven people to avoid eating meat one day per week than it is to convince one person to become a complete vegetarian.

There is a weekday veggie movement as well. In the old days folks just ate meat on Sundays.

Drink tap water

In Germany tap water is often of higher quality than bottled water. We bought a soda stream in 2017 and we use it a lot.

Use soap bars instead of liquid soap from a bottle


Why? Well, for one, it requires a lot more energy to produce liquid soaps (er, detergents, technically) — about five times more. For two, liquid soaps can come with up to 20 times more packaging than a humble bar soap, which is often sold in minimalist cardboard boxes, sleeves, or sometimes just loose and wrapper-free.


What’s the greener choice, bar soap or body wash?

Reduce the room temperature by 1 °

You may not even feel the difference 🙂

Other ideas for experiments

  • buy fruits and vegetables unpacked
  • unpack items at the store and leave packages behind
  • buy ice cream from the ice cream parlor in an edible cone
  • buy milk and juice in reusable bottles
  • plant trees e.g. by using
  • switch of / disconnect appliances
  • replace old (broken) lightbulbs with LEDs


  • try home office every other day
  • avoid short distance flights
  • commute by bike, bus or train