New Year’s Resolutions & Technology Learning Roadmap 2017

I made a list of technologies I’m going to learn – or at least get an overview of – in 2017. I’ve already started to look into Rust and also did some web tech tutorials on codecademy. Because I read “4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Learn to Code from Codecademy” I will not leave it there but am going to introduce one or more of the following technologies into some actual projects at work. At least I will be doing some Code Katas to hone the craft.

  • AI
  • New Languages
  • [x] Git / Github – I use github for every private pet project
  • Write my first iPhone app
  • Publish App to app store
  • Web Technology
    • Less
    • [x] Bootstrap
  • Javascript
  • NoSQL / MongoDB
  • Containerization / Docker

These are my objectives for 2017 not related to coding:

  • [x] Make a test drive with a Tesla Model S (if possible a P 100 D 😉 )
  • [x] Get a new PC
  • [x] Visit the Future Mobilty Days
  • [x] Visit devcamp17
  • [x] Make a balloon flight in a hot air balloon
  • Do 20+ eBay auctions to donate that money to charity especially Cap Anamur
  • Visit a calligraphy course to improve my handwriting
  • [x] Write the manuscript for my first book
  • Buy a decent watch
  • Perhaps a PS4 pro with VR Headset
  • Find a Singer for my band Excess Pressure
  • Make a one week vacation at the Moselle at Weingut Serwarzi