How to visualize geo coordinates with ipyleaflet

As mentioned in Curriculum Vitae for Data Scientists it can be a good idea to visualize your skills and work experience. I’ve also tried to visualize the location of my work places with geopandas but I came across a more fancy solution called ipyleaflet


pip install ipyleaflet

Visualizing geo coordinates

from ipyleaflet import Map, Marker, basemaps, basemap_to_tiles

m = Map(
    center=(52, 8),
cities = {  "Bad Oeynhausen":
              { "latitude":52.207851, "longitude":8.804030},
              { "latitude":51.936284, "longitude":8.879153},
              { "latitude":50.258112, "longitude":10.964463},
              { "latitude":51.481811, "longitude":7.219664},
               { "latitude":48.881417, "longitude":8.507199},
               { "latitude":49.447537, "longitude":11.102352},
             "Erlangen - Tennenlohe":
               { "latitude":49.547055, "longitude":11.015774}

for city, coordinates in cities.items():

    m.add_layer(Marker(location=(coordinates["latitude"], coordinates["longitude"])))


The result: