Useful tips to stay ahead of chaos

These little “life hacks” saved me a lot of trouble

Never leave your flat / house without your keys

Kids can lock you out when you just bring out the trash, wind can blow the door shut. Do it even when your partner pretends to have a key on his/her own 🙂

Stow away spare keys to your flat at friends or relatives

Even if you apply rule number #1, Murphy’s gonna get you: we had our keys in the car but we closed the garage door prematurely…

Prepare your stuff the evening before

Put out the clothes you wanna wear, pack your bags, prepare breakfast, fill up the gas in your car.

Never search for essential things in the morning. It drains your energy.

When you hang out your clothes the night before be spare one decision to make in the morning. #decisionfatigue

Check your flat before bedtime

My wife sometimes forgets to close the garage door. I forget to close the window to my basement room. All windows closed? Lights turned off? Doors locked? Keys back at the key board?

Always do shopping with a shopping list

Buying things you do not need and forgetting things you desperately need can ruin your weekend. And it prevents throwing away food as well!  Individual sustainable lifestyle tips

Leave a shopping bag in your car

Even if you have a shopping routine and everything on your list, well, Murphy.

Having to put stuff piece by piece into your trunk is grueling and at home you do it in reverse. So don’t.

Use Debit Card for purchases / avoid cash

Cash diffuses into nothingness without leaving a trace. If you want to have control over your finances make your money traceable.

Put an emergency hammer into your car

Plan a follow up at your hairdresser

Hairdressers always have a full schedule and at the time you realize your hair needs a cut it’s hard to get an appointment. Same goes for dentists.

Buy a leatherman or victorinox tool

Use a hanging filing systems


Use a housekeeping book

A housekeeping book or a budget planner makes it easier for you to reach your financial goals.

Clean Personal Finance

Thoughts on Personal Finance

Make backups of your phone and computer

No backups – no mercy

Use a Bullet Journal

Nothing changed my life so drastically in the last couple of years like the Bullet Journal Method.

Fumbling with to-do lists, habit tracking apps, a Kanban board in the kitchen, a google docs spreadsheet for goals and a mood journal I grew tired of not having one single source of truth regarding my life planning.

Read what the Bullet Journal

can do for you.