BarCamp Würzburg 2017

After visiting my first bar camp last year, I became quite an aficionado of craftsmanship gatherings.

I visited:

All very different formats, locations and price ranges as well. So I was curious what was going to happen at #bcwue.

The location

The event took place in the building of the computer science department of the university of Würzburg on a Saturday. A very quiet place at that time, enough parking spaces as well ?


The Sessions

As always I had a hard time choosing. 6 out of 23 sessions was the goal. Here are my choices:

Grundgesetz vs Facebook Community Standards

The lawyer Chan-Jo Jun told us about the case Anas Modamani against Facebook.

Main takeaway: if you have a case at court where technology is involved the outcome is like flipping a coin!

Planning of Webweek Würzburg

Ute shared with us her plan to organize a web week like the Nürnberg Web Week.

The hashtag will be #wueww


Agile Retrospectives

Again a very inspiring session from Denis from flyeralarm. (I heard his talk at DevCamp)

Ten rules for agile retros:

  • #10 – Time Boxing
    • 5 min – Set the stage, start with something positive
    • 25 min – Gather data
    • 25 min – Generate Insights
    • 30 min – Decide what to do
    • 5 min – Close the retro
  • #9 – A Retro always takes 90 minutes
  • #8 – As a moderator have a plan B/C
  • #7 – Be prepared, be prepared, be prepared
  • #6 – Try always something new (start-stop-continue instead of mad-glad-sad)
  • #5 – The moderator is not a participant
  • #4 – Praise participants
  • #3 – Even the moderator has to improve
  • #2 – Solutions come from the participants only
  • #1 – Don’t panic!

A book tip from Denis is Agile Retrospectives from Derby and Larsen:

Employee Development

Robert from Mayflower shared his experiences with Peer Reviews. At Mayflower Scrum Master get together quarterly to give and receive feedback on their main skills.


A session for founders. I  shared my experience with my guitar teaching business.

Main takeaway: As a founder do not do all by yourself, hire a tax advisor. Do not overthink the need for legal counsel, invest your money in a consultant which checks your business plan.

Draw Toast

Ute introduced us to a nice concept of design thinking. By visualizing steps of a process on single post-its and rearranging and combining them as a team, you can gather a good understanding of what actually is happening..

The feedback wall

One main issue many visitors had, was the length of the camp: many wished it would have been two days 🙂

Bottom Line

This bar camp was small but mighty! I’m really looking forward for next year’s camp.

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