Review “Sex, Money, Kiss” by Gene Simmons

Who is the author?

Gene Simmons is the bassist and founder of the band Kiss, with whom he has released twenty studio albums, six live albums and countless compilations.

In addition, he has released two solo records and played in 11 films.

In the 1970’s he was with Cher and Diana Ross, then married model Shannon Tweed, and did it like Ozzy Osbourne, giving us a reality documentary soap called Gene Simmons Family Jewels

The book

When someone like Gene Simmons writes a book, you really expect pure sex, drugs, RocknRoll demolition.

But not here: the book could only have been called Money, because apart from a few bon mots to the relationships between men and women, it’s almost all about the vile Mammon.

Quote: “Pennies are everything. The more pennies you have, the more dollars you have ”

What are the main concepts?

The thread of this book is generating business ideas. Unrestrained, Simmons indulges in capitalism, “free” is not. No matter where he has his hands on it, money has to bubble.

He tells us how he draws his first comic and brings it to the people, sends his first demo tapes to record companies, founds his own magazine and designs his signature bass. For all these actions Cash is in the foreground for him, not in vain is his private logo a money bag with dollar symbol.

Quote “Clever financial planning means that spending should always be lower than revenue”

Especially in Gelddingen replaced this book with its tips so many business counselors. Best of all, they come from a musician who has commercial success.

Quote: “I chose a very specific lifestyle: hard work, no drugs or alcohol and no marriage. I’m fine with that ”

Ok, since 2011, this is no longer true with the marriage, but his work ethic must be highlighted here, he wants to have nothing to give, but work it out.


By the way, one also learns something about the genesis of Kiss, but the real focus in this book is Gene Simmons and his business acumen.

The bon mots on almost every second page are a good substitute for a proverb calendar, so the book alone is worth the money.

So if you want to know more about the Indy Racing League, squirrels and black toilet paper, buy this book.

Gene would add: “Of course on the Amazon link under this post, so that the Jörn also get a few pennies”